“Relax, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, and discover the dark and haunting lyrics of Tara Elisha’s alternative rock…”

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Listen to what others are saying about Tara Elisha! (ReverbNation Featured Artist Reviews)

Tara Elisha RAW Showcase250x375“Wow…Very nice sound! Very classic rock sound. You have an incredible female rock voice. I believe you possess clear-cut radio sound. Would really like to listen to an entire album of this band. Great song. You are like the lost Pat Benatar that we deeply miss! Incredible voice and the band is solid. Rock on!”

“A dynamic, dreamy intro quickly pulls the listener into the music. Passionate, steamy vocals made me want to keep listening. I enjoyed that you could actually understand all the lyrics, which helps maintain the intensity of the song.”

“This has a great melody. Her voice had great pitch and consistency. The lyrics are haunting and really flow well. The music blends well and adds a great accompaniment to the vocals. Well rehearsed and comes out great. “Obsession” could definitely be heard on the major stations.”

Tara Elisha has been writing music since she was fifteen years old. She earned her Master’s degree in music at Emporia State University. The training and discipline that she went through at university shows in her clear and consistent voice. Tara joins that classical training with her experience working with other musicians on the stage to create powerful and memorable music.

Tara’s lyrics provide the audience with a fantasy-like sensation fused with passionate and emotional instrumentals. Some of these songs merely seek to observe human emotions; both the good and the bad, while leaving the final judgment to the listener. She observes the excesses in human behavior in songs like “Obsession” and “More” while in “The Door” and “Macabre” she observes basic human emotions like fear and revenge. Still others like “The Last Stand (of Free Thinking People)” and “Something About A Dream” decry a dystopian view of a corrupt world that cares little for the humanity that exists within it. Her sound is rooted in a fractured mix of classic rock, pop, punk, and alternative rock.

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